Hi there. I’m Patrick Ward, a CG Artist based in Chesterfield, near Sheffield in the UK.

Here’s a potted history (minus the embarrassing bits). You may wish to skip to the end . .

At the time of writing I’ve been involved in graphics for over twenty years, 9 of them directly in the PC/console games industry, 5 in visual effects, 3 in Mobile games and the rest freelancing.  I started as a graphic designer, freelancing in Liverpool in about 1991, and started to introduce 3D to my clients a few years later. I did a logo for Psygnosis (3D Lemmings) then produced animations and models of military radio sets for the M.o.D. followed by a year of employment with Liverpool University producing 3d multimedia presentations for the biology department. But a tour around Psygnosis and my love of Babylon 5 and S.A.AB. had shown me what was possible with 3D and I wanted in.

A year later (about 1997) and I had the first released Playstation game under my belt (Crime Killer). I’d joined a small indie developer in Sheffield and was responsible for all the FMV and promotional material. Then I moved to Teeside and a large publisher, Acclaim, and worked on the second published game (Shadowman), creating all the in game cut-scenes ( in Excel and Max – though I never touched a model or texture .. ). In 1999 I created the FMV for a couple of cancelled titles before moving back to Sheffield to work with the highly acclaimed Particle Systems in about 2000. Several published and unpublished games and demos later I finished Particle (bought out, renamed Argonaut Sheffield, and shut down)  as a senior character artist and freelanced for a while (late 2004-6), working on characters and costumes for a PS2 Karaoke game and fully rendered cutscenes for Driver 4: Parallel Lines .

In 2006 I was asked to join ARK VFX, a visual effects studio in Sheffield, involved in a broad range of TV adverts, game trailers, viral adverts, game assets etc.. The emphasis was very much on versatility and adaptability. Ark was a small team taking on big jobs and I became much more of a generalist and enjoyed the rapid turn over of different projects. Hi and low resolution modelling and texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing etc.. Lightwave and Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Fusion and Nuke, Zbrush, Mudbox and 3D Coat. Ark required me to do it and use it all yet through this my preferences have always been modelling, texturing and in particular sculpting.

After Ark closed I freelanced for a year until becoming a Co-Founder and Art Director of the Shenandoah Studio in Philadelphia, creating high quality war games for the iPad and iPhone. By the time we were bought, 3 years later by Slitherine, we had released 3 successful games, had 3 in development and had won numerous awards.

That marked a return to freelancing and my most enjoyable period to date, working almost exclusively with the multitude of international developers under Slitherines wings.

Shortly after, Slitherine offered me a permanent role and I’m now proud to be their Art director / Lead Artist.

If you want a chat about something, drop me a line on the contacts page or you could even leave a comment in the blog or portfolio or send a mail to the address below.