So where do I begin. It’s been a while but I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Well Battle of the Bulge, the first of our CiC series, was released in December of 2012 to a mass of rave reviews from across the board. We’ve got Game of the Week, Month and Year awards a plenty.

In January I flew out to Philly for a week to meet the team for the first time.

I finished the boards for first Men In for Academy Games in  .. about February. No sign of a release yet though the artwork for Awakening the Bear went down a storm.

We redesigned Bulge for the iPhone and released it back in … oh I forget when it was but it was quite an achievement .. getting a game that felt big on the iPad to work and play well on an iPhone.

Some time in August Battle of the Bulge won 2 Charles S. Robersts awards, one for Best 20th Century Era – Modern computer Wargame, another for Best Computer Game Graphics!  Double win!

I was in the States when the award was announced. We (Lynn, Matthew and myself) spent 3 weeks there, staying in Princeton (a gorgeous little university town) and commuted to Philly. A great time was had by all.

In November just gone we released Drive on Moscow .. the successor to Bulge and its been getting universal praise again, most people claiming it to be a huge improvement on Bulge. Interestingly, despite it being the same system, the code was to large extent re written and I changed the art direction and techniques so we can complete the art in less than 1/4 of the time it took to produce Bulge and to a higher standard.

To that end much of the artwork for El Alamein, the third in the series, is already done and we’ve several other battles in the wings.

We’re also nearing the end of pre-production on Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. Our first foray into hex based gaming though this will be different to what many people expect. Unlike the CiC games I’m not producing art directly. This is my first attempt at just Art Direction and so far its going great but stil doesn’t leave me much time to work on El Alamein,  Moscow iPhone and plan for upcoming releases.

So overall its been a busy year. since Shen started in October 2011 .. we’ve expanded from the initial 3 to about a dozen. It fluctuates as we support a local university and college intern-ship so we get a lot of students working with us for a year or so.