I’m currently thinning out my boardgames due to a reduction in space. I’ve listed them on the Boardgame Geek and will accept payment through Paypal or cash on pickup (Chesterfield). The photos can be enlarged and the links take you to the BGG sale page. (If you’ve been here before you’ll notice a lot have already been sold. These have been going quicker than  expected.)

I prefer local sales and pickup for the sheer, lazy convenience, but have no trouble posting so long as you don’t mind the added cost and waiting till I can post at a weekend. For the latter you’r eprobably best going through the Geek for some peace of mind.

So all prices +PP


Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear  inc. Marsh Expansion  £30      SOLD

Player aids have been laminated. Includes a number of extra scenarios printed out and extra laminated artillery/hidden movement maps. The Marsh Expansion does not have its original packaging. Counters will come bagged rather than in the box shown. Heavy and big. Nearer 3Kg.

Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel £30.    Comes with an extra printed manual in a binder. Big and heavy, 3kg+ SOLD

This second picture shows that Storms of Steel comes in 2 boxes (the bottom two shown) because of the counter tray and extra rules. I also have 3 extra counter trays for £5

Germantown – £20 +p&p ONO

Monmouth – £20 +p&p ONO


Panzer Marsch £8

Hornet Leader £40  Opened but never punched. As good as new. SOLD


‘Kids’ Games

Lego Builder Extreme £15

Lego Create It   £15

Operation  £8


Downfall  £15  


Other boardgames

Battlegrounds: Crossbows and Catapults inc. All Expansions.     £50       No original Boxes .. comes in a plastic tub. The instructions are missing but tbh they were rubbish. Theres better home grown ones on the net.

Eve: the Second Genesis  – £20  Day of Darkness  Starter box, 3 faction decks and a load of single cards. SOLD


Magic: The Gathering Starter Gift Box   – £15+p&p      Missing the VHS tutorial Video which got chewed up by our old video recorder.

Magic: the Gathering Box Set – £15+p&p

Corunea – Open to Offers  Defender and Warden   starter set plus 4 partially constructed decks

RPG Books

Savage Worlds  £5


In addition there’s these which aren’t advertised on the Geek yet

Battle Ground Fantasy Warfare: 2 decks, 2 expansions and the terrain. Terrain has never been cut out – Boxes worse for wear but cards perfect.  – £35 I’m pretty sure theres a Kickstarter planned for new decks.

Games Workshop How to Make Terrain – Not currently for sale

Games Workshop How to Paint Space Marines – Not currently for sale

Cluedo. £10


And a StarWars model set (Partially completed .. £5


 We’ve also a bunch of others boxed for the carboot .. If you’re interested let me know.


Ghostly Galleons (box damaged)


Scooby Doo Escape from the Vortex,


Risk (missing 2 pieces that we never seemed to notice)

Connect 4 – very old and battered box but complete




These are heavy so if you’re not local and can pick up I expect postage maybe a little high. Mostly Napoleonic. Prices are always negotiable. Especially for quantity

Cavalry Horses (See Cavalry units below) A= £5

Cavalry Horses (See Cavalry units below)   B=£5





Crossbow Men  G=£2

British(?) Napoleonic Era Cavalry    H=£3

They look like Grenadiers.  I=£1.50

Napoleonic Era Advancing Infantry – J=£5

French (?) Napoleonic Era Cavalry – K=£5

Napoleonic Era Advancing Infantry – L=£4

Napoleonic Era, 2 drummers and 1 standing infantry £=1.50

Small set of cavalry units. 3 horses partly painted. Variety of nationalities. N=£2

Look to be Napoleonic Era artillery crew. P=£2

Napoleonics – £3

In truth, I forgot to photograph these at the correct time so if you buy the other related items I’ll throw them in. Other wise .. extras R=£1

Look like Viking Shields and Oars from a Viking longship(?) S=£2

Flats (think they’re tin) German WW1 Red Cross station – Q=£20

Flats (tin?) Burning of the Standards 1812 – U=£20

Flats (tin?)  30 years War Artillery (?) – X=£20

Probably 2 sets of Flats (Lead?) in 1 .. 5 Egyptions (?) and some kind of Religious/nobel Entourage(?)  Z=£20

Hinchliffe Models 1815 British Foot Artillery – V=£10

German white metal 1:32 German 76mm Mortar. Bagged but not complete. Y=£3

Bits and Bobs for modding/customizing/repairing etc. Some parts are from the Field Howitzer pictured which is NOT complete SOLD

2 Early Roman Legionaries B1=£3

Small, modelling drill bits. Used. C1=£5

Looks to be a Norman Soldier. Part painted. White metal D1-£4

looks to me to be a British Cavalry Officer E1=£4

Looks to be Napoleonic/ACW era cannon Lightly painted metal. – F1 = £4

Cannon. Painted metal. G1=£4