Well, there’s a surprise and no mistake. Well, no. Actually its not as its been simmering in the background since Christmas but I’m now happy to say I’m part owner and Art Director of an iPad development studio in Philadelphia, US. The Shenandoah Studio.

Specializing in converting niche/hobby board games to iPad/iPhone (and possibly Android in the future) its a fantastic opportunity and I can’t wait for us to get started. I’ve been playing games for years and have been involved in CG all my working life and since the closure of Ark I’ve been trying to get myself more and more involved in board gaming art so this is a match made in heaven.

Its very early days and production has yet to start but I’m currently putting the feelers out for freelancers with very specific skills, experience and interests to work as part of the team developing the (currently) 10 games we have signed. So if you have mad skills and know the difference between War, Euro and Ameritrash then drop me a line and say hello.