( Note: If you’re a web design, SEO or marketting expert, don’t waste your time pasting in your message and completing the captcha… ) Boldened for YOUR benefit since its obvious from my spam folder that many of you have obviously missed it and wasted your time.

I’m a professional full-time freelancer so if you think we could work together then really don’t hesitate to shout out. If its a bit out of the ordinary or not something you think I’d normally do then just take a chance. I’m open to new opportunities, directions and new skills.

So drop me a line and say hello.
Even if its just for a chat, to ask a question or to add me to your network.

Your email address is only sent to me in the subject line. Its not logged or recorded anywhere else.

But please no more gifts. Free holidays are cool … McDonalds toys and novelty keyrings… not cool.