An important point to make for anyone who doesn’t know is that this book is about sculpting rather than being an anatomy reference so its a good companion to the others.

Now as far as I know, without digging through the book, this is basically a rehash of his lecture notes from the Royal College of Art with diagrams and good, useful photos. This is all analogue .. no digital in his day .. but if like me you believe any digital sculptor would benefit from a certain degree of classical, technical knowledge then this is the book for you.

Part 1 and 2 are only about the head, its anatomy in broad terms but more importantly its form and approaches to sculpting it. Part 3, while I’ll hesitate to say that this contains the real meat of the text because implies the previous parts on inferior, it does. Part three include the body’s anatomy, cloth drapes, sculpting and what landmarks to look for and .. a whole load of other fascinating and very useful information. The anatomy isn’t in depth but he explains it from a different perspective to the Stephen Rogers Peck book so they work well together.

This should be on your to buy list if you’re interested in learning figurative sculpture.