At Shenandoah we felt it very important to inform our players about the real events we were depicting and of the people and equipment involved. To do this we included an extensive, HTML based History section with day by day diaries, biographies, etc..

When we first developed Battle of the Bulge, I was responsible for the creation and layout of all the HTML and the supporting images. The teams tool of choice was Freeway on the Mac. Here we can see some screenshots from Freeway and some resulting screenshots from the iPad and iPhone versions of the game.

Bulge Narrative in Freeway 02Bulge Narrative in Freeway 03Bulge iPhone Narrative 02Bulge iPhone Narrative 01

Bulge History 03

Battle of the Bulge iPhone HistoryBulge iPhone History The Storm Breaks

The Bulge Rules, Credits and Quickstart I also laid out in HTML from the provided text files with additional illustrations and animated gifs.

Bulge Rules_01Bulge Rules 03Bulge Rules 02