Way back when, in a time that land forgot, we worked on the intro and mission movies for Driver 4. A crazily big project for so small a team. But again we successfully finished it all. Not quite perfect as we got sadly let down by the motion capture which was awful. Jittery and bad joint positioning or something. It got substantially better as the project went on but for maybe half of it it was shocking. I know it sounds like an excuse but really, its something we felt and still do feel disappointed about.

My responsibilities as a freelancer was to model and texture character models ready for FMV. This eventually expanded into making sets and scene assets, lighting rendering and compositing. After Driver Ark took me on full time.

Take note, some of these images are big and in the order I worked on them.

The prison guards were my first Driver character and, if I remember correctly, my first proper high res human characters ever.

The robber I did next and the jacket was a real challenge for a total noob.

I really enjoyed dirtying up this guy.

Up until this point I’d avoided hair but I couldn’t get away with it now.

Then the hair plugin got a real workout.

The cowgirl dancer, two variations of which the first made it in.

Modelling a Zoot suit was an education. I’d never even heard of one. Head by Rich Wright.

This was the last guy I did, a last minute addition thrown into the background.

My first bit of set dressing.

My first set.

My first complete scene setup. Mo-cap application, lighting design, dynamics, shot setup, some shading, rendering, comping and painting TK’s muzzle flashes (the silencer flashes got massively enlarged by request).

The one shot nobody wanted to do .. so give it to the freelancer! But then ..

..the client decides its got to be a night shot instead.

OK .. this video may not be work safe and is definitely not child-friendly if you’ve got the speakers on.