While there’s nothing visual to show, I recently finished a bunch of DLC assets for Slitherines Pike and Shot, and a first pass on the UI for A-Sharps next game, Six Ages.

The DLC in question is Tercio To Salvo and the Campaign Layer and I can’t make too much of a song and dance of it as I was really just editing and adding to someone elses files. They’d done all the hard work. Saying that I did have to learn Blender and decipher a ton of files and instructions full of so much obscure but important historical details that my head hurt. Made one model, edited a few more and added several dozen or more textures. Lovely bunch of people to work with and I hope to be doing more. No screenshots yet.

Six Ages is set in the same world as A-Sharps previous international hit, King of Dragon Pass (KoDP), and follows a very similar path. However in KoDP you follow through one leaders lifetime. Six Ages on the other hand will follow your clan from the time of the Storm Gods, through the Great Darkness and beyond, the millenia spread over many chapters. I’ve completed the first pass which is chapter 1 and the core of the UI. At a later date I’ll be skinning Chapter 2 and doing some tweaks of the implemented layouts in X-code. No screenshots yet.