These tanks were created purely as a proof of concept. I wanted to know how quickly I could texture them to a level sufficient for high quality profile pictures. It was an interesting project and I took a lot away from it but after trawling around a few publishers realised it was a dead end.

I thought that since the idea did not involve animation or perspective/three-quarter views that I didn’t need to UV and could simply planar map. This turned out to be quick and efficient.

The Panther was the first I tackled. The model was bought from a model bank (and served as a dire warning to model them myself in future .. it was wildly inaccurate) as that side was a known factor. I decided to tackle the side profile first.

The Zimmeritt (a coating of concrete like anti-magnetic-mine paste) was the trickiest but I managed it with a mixture of modelling, painting and projection.

Once I had the process down I quickly went onto the top view.

The KV2 was the next to tackle. I’d decided on a Soviet tank as, like most Allied vehicles, camouflage consisted of just a single flat colour. So the idea here would be to convey the scale and all the details of the tank in a visually interesting yet informative manner.

When painting the Panther I’d made a concious effort to make the disrupter pattern look hand painted and I was curious to know what a hand painted and weathered winter coating would look like on the KV2.