So to say I had a consultancy role is really to make it sound far grander than it was.

Scramble – Battle of Britain

I helped out getting the art team up to speed with Substance and some technical aspects of using the textures in Unity. Developed the Substance materials and much of the texturing pipeline. Created the crews models, textures, and parachute and animation.

Battlestar Galactica

Very minor early feedback on look dev.

Warhammer 40k : Battlesector

Very early minor feedback on look dev.

Once Slitherine took over development I worked with new outsoucers to get new factions ( models and textures ), upto the previous standard and style.


Created the 2D elements of the main map and most of the battle terrain models and textures, and all the unit models.

Quadriga 2

Very early look dev feedback


Very early feedback on look dev.

Master of Magic

Very minor early feedback on look dev.

Starship Troopers – Teran Command

Very minor early feedback on look dev.

Terminator – Dark Fate Defiance

Very minor early feedback on look dev.

Gettysburg : The Tide Turns

When Shenandoah folded, Slitherine took over Gettysburg and brought what was an exclusively iPad game to PC. Being the original art director I was tasked to help with implementation and add PC specific assets.

3 games to TBA

My role:

Art Director / Consultant