Well, Wednesday 20/10/2010 was a day of mixed emotions. Ark VFX, our home for more than six years is no more. While the stress and uncertainty of the recent spell is over and we can now move on with the next chapters in our lives, its still a very sad time. Seven Years ago the four Directors set up Ark and almost immediately were creating videos for Muse and Shaznay Lewis. I first worked with them as a freelancer in about 2005 when we created the FMV for Driver 4: Parallel Lines, a huge 9 month project and a real baptism of fire.

Since then we became well known for our work with Kelloggs, creating a long series of TV adverts for CocoPops, CocoRocks and Moons and Stars. We created game trailers for huge titles such as the Total War series, Bionic Commando, the Club and the Overlord and Motorstorm series. Adverts for Jameson Whiskey, the Singapore Navy and confectionery giants Ferrero, internet campaigns for Danish Bacon and Adidas amongst others. Is was a great time spent among friends and colleagues. A great learning and growing experience. A lot of hard work and long hours, satisfaction and fun. When something is such a huge part of your life and defines a huge chunk of who you are then its hard to see it go. But times change and do we

So I wish all my former colleagues the best for them and their families and hope we get to work together again.

The future’s kinda exciting.