While I had no involvement with these particular adverts as I was busy on other jobs, I thought I’d just put them up for completeness sake and because many people still don’t realise that we did them at all.

Cocopops Moon and Stars was the first advert we did for Kelloggs, the first for Moon and Stars and at the time was officially THE most successful advert in the history of Kelloggs.

Cocopops Cavemen was a little bit of a disappointment.  The animator was this fantastically funny comedic animator from Germany (I’m really sorry but I can’t remember his name) who did a wonderful job and created a slapstick story that had us in stitches. However by the time it got seen on TV there was no story, no context, no plot and no humour and was subsequently banned from daytime TV for reckless and non contextual violence.

Cocopops Singing in the Rain was all mocapped with a very well known dance troup in London with a very well known choreographer. Based on the Old Bamboo from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the music we animated it to and that was supposed to be used was Hammer Time .. however after it left us it got changed to I got the Power instead. I’d not be surprised though if this has surpassed Moon and Stars for success.

Sadly, after The Cavemen Bowling advert Kelloggs decided on a change of agency .. naturally the new agency already had their own preferred studio and wanted to use them. However it goes some way to show how happy Kelloggs had been with our work that they insisted that we do the first one, the Puppet Boy. On a number of occasions Kelloggs went out of their way to write to tanks and praise us which, so we were told, is unheard of.  I think they appreciated that we helped them to reach a much wider audience and managed to inject a subtle and gentle humour and naivety while increasing the appeal of the product.