Well, better late than never as one amiable Tweeter told me and how true he was. No idea what I’m supposed to do with it but there’s loads of really cool artists and industry type people on there that I’d be interested to follow. Nice to see names I know from various forums and video blogs. So far I’ve got my Johnny Alpha pic up as an avatar but I’m debating putting a photo up. Feels more amiable and friendly then which is cool as I’m quite a friendly chap.

Update No 1

Twitter is dangerous .. it actually sucks you in more than Facebook which I’m very surprised about. That’s something else that’s going to have to be regulated, like forums. Its too easy to get side tracked and go swanning off on some wild and pointless goose chase. I must say though that in 2 days I’ve met some cool and some genuinely nice people who ooOOoze talent.