Well there’s not much I’m allowed to talk about.

The work on A-Sharps successor to King of Dragon Pass, Six Ages is on-going. The game as a whole is coming along really well. My involvement, the UI, has only gone through the first pass. It’ll need a good deal of polish and then there’s another 3 , maybe more, variations to represent progression through the different ages.

I’m mid way through pre-production on a PC wargame for Slitherine. That’s currently on hold until the engine gets a little more finalized but it’ll have very much of a miniatures wargaming¬† feel . . so lots of sculpting.

While waiting I’ve been slotted in to work on a Japanese ancient warfare game. That means creating the terrain, UI, basic unit templates and over all art direction. It’s not a subject I’ve ever worked on before so its proving really interesting and as with previous work I’m very much standing on the shoulders of the first artist, Rob Graat and research by the designer Jayson Ng.