..probably the best chocolate in the world? .. Discuss.

Or how about Old Jamaica!

You know chocolate has got to be one of the greatest luxuries. Well, after clean water, heating, a home, your health, subsidised food, cars, electricity, diamonds .. but its almost up there. And you know, despite the fact that its not technically chocolate, I love Cadburys. Hopefully the Yanks won’t try to ‘improve it’ or make it more internationally marketable because as comfort foods go its one of the greats.

Most proper chocolate isn’t so much an indulgence as it is invigorating. Exciting. Stimulating. But a plain bar of Cadburys chocolate(ish) is something you can savour and wallow in. Sometimes as a special treat, on my way home on the train I’d buy a bar and make it last the whole journey. It was only one stop so in reality I’d wolf it down crumbs and all but wolf it down as slowly and dreamily as only an exhausted wolf can do.

Any way.

Where was I.

Oh yes.

Photon scattering in realtime subsurface simulation.