As the more observant amongst you may of noticed, there are a lot of missing images on the site. Unfortunately, while I was transferring from 1and1 hosting to EzPc, 1and1 terminated my contract earlier than I expected and before I’d fully transferred my site. There were ongoing FTP issues that I’d not been able to resolve so all the images have gone! In the words of a tango faced baboon .. it’s terrible .. really terrible. Fittingly, I was leaving 1and1 after nearly 20 years because of their increasingly bad service and shocking customer support.

So I’m left in a quandary. Do I ditch the site altogether and go for something entirely different (I’ve been wanting to do a fairly random blog for quite some time), or do I dig through my archives and try to find the pictures? I suspect I’ll do both. But not for some time. I’m stacked with work and since I no longer freelance am not  in any real rush.

So watch this space. Just not too often.

Update: The site is being slowly restored .. but its a long job. While many of the original images exist, somewhere, WordPress usually links to resized smaller versions .. which I have to recreate.