Would you believe I’ve just been asked why there’s been no blog update for a few days! That put a huge smile on my face. Somebody missed me! Well I really must apologise but I’ve been busy. I’d like to say I’ve been busy working but unfortunately its just the usual stuff that goes with redundancy.

Now there’s a word. Redundant. What a horrible way to describe someone. I think its actually the first time I’ve used the word on the blog but then I really don’t like it. But its been on my mind a lot lately and not just for the obvious reasons. Not so long ago an old colleague (from several redundancies ago) mentioned me on his game development¬† blog and his comments caught me by surprise. If you’ve not checked that link then basically he’s suggesting that I’m a devilishly handsome mad genius whos a swizz with the ladies. If you have checked it you’ll note he actually suggests that I’m writing interesting and useful things for other freelancers. Now that floored me. Not in a bad way. It was a nice thing to hear but it left me wondering what the hell this blog was for. What should I be writing about? Does it actually have a point?

And so thats the other reason redundancy has been playing on my mind. How honest should I be about the whole redundancy and freelancing experience? What kind of information would be useful to others in the same boat and am I really anyone so special that anything I could say could be of value. I mean look at it from a purely business point of view .. I’ll be helping other freelancers .. my direct competition .. the enemy! But then look at it from a proper point of view, I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy and most people I know are pretty decent and competition or not I’d much rather we were all mates and mates help each other out. So the mad genius in me says hell yes! The introvert is still wondering what to say.

I suppose then the first thing I’ve got to be honest about is why I started this blog?