I’d just like applogise to my one avid reader, Marjory Wibblebottom in Weston Supermare  for not posting in a good while but I’ve been seriously busy.

Now that I’m Art Director for the Shenandoah Studio I’ve been run off my feet. First job was to create the company logo. It took a while as I’m no specialist logo designer but everyones happy with what I (dozens of varieties and several revisions later) came up with. Thats surprising as I thought at least one person would hate it but its seem to of hit the nail on the head and fulfilled the brief which was a nice way to start.

So next was the website. What started out as a simple conversion to a new template turned into a whole world of work. Nothings ever as simple as you first think. Once I started putting it together and was happy with the basic structure I realised I should start thinking about SEO.

Well I didn’t have the foggiest about it so jumped in the deep end and discovered that I should of thought about it way before setting up the site. So it required some back peddling and restructuring but after tweaks the sites gone from appearing somewhere on page 2 or worse of Google to occupying all but 1 of the first six slots and several more after. So far its been a success though theres still room for tweaks and ensuring everything’s up to scratch but I’ll tackle that as and when.

We’ve had a couple of false starts with the first project. Our first choice made sense as a first project but wasn’t well known enough and the second had to be put aside.

But now we’re onto our first iPad game which is based on the Battle of the Bulge and being designed by the one and only John Butterfield. Its quite daunting. Ipad is a huge unknown for all of us and while we’re all confident its going to go well we’re non of us complacent about the amount of work thats going to be involved and the difficulty in transfering a proper war game to it.

So, other than that, I’ve just finished a redux of the Rommel in the Desert map board. Mine is so battered and I hated looking at it so I wanted to be able to play on my own copy.

I mailed Tom at Columbia to check it was ok to upload it and he said it was cool so its up on the Geek for anyone who wants it. Its really meant for grey and beige blocks instead of the default red and black but beggars can’t be choosers.

And as well as that I’ll be spending evenings working on the next Conflict of Heroes boards for First Men in. This should be cool though I think its going to take some time. I’ve not got final designs and one of them requires almost the whole of St Maire Eglise to be built. Big, big  job.

Hopefully after that there’ll be the Africa trilogy .. Abyssinia, Egypt and Libya (I think).

Bring it on!