Warning: Contains nudity and images of graphic violence

In 2008 I was asked to produce the VFX for a Scifi pilot being filmed out in Arizona.  While I could create the assets and the shots, rendering and compositing on one low powered PC was a real issue and was responsible for the death of at least one hard drive. I had to go the usual approach of many layers and big comps to reduce the impact of changes and errors. Plus it gave me a whole deeper level of control. It was rendered out to 32bit .exr files at HD1080, comped linearly in Fusion and output as regular 8bit tgas.

These are the high res versions of the models used in the crucifixion field.

The Providence.

Wire frames of the Providence and the Amphiox

Matte painting to be seen through the forward cockpit window.

Matte painting to be seen through a side cockpit window.

Projection textures for the Amphiox boarding ramp.

Projection textures for the Amphiox boarding ramp doorway. Colour and spec. The spec was also used for a very slight bump.

Amphiox top surface textures, colour, spec and normal.

The full scalable, HD video below is all of my shots back to back. They don’t really make sense as they are and some where only used as background plates seen through cockpit windows, but it gives you an idea.