Pocket Bike Racer

Pocket Bike Racer actually went on to be a massive xbox game. We did a small collection of characters. Only diffuse textures.

Beijing 2008 Olympics

For the Olympics game box cover the client supplied us with some low res game meshes in the poses the wanted and asked us to rework them. I did these three and Rich did the cyclist.

Un-named Game

This is from an un-named game. I was given two unfinished game models and asked to pose and render them against white with a quick tidy up.

The Club

The Club was actually a fairly big project but we had to use only game models for the characters and for some reason the early version of Renderman for Maya gave us lots of issues, one of which being that it didn’t like the normal maps we were given and no amount of tricks could get them to show up properly. While we did a whole load of really good work it was ultimately unsatisfying and was not up to the standards we would want. I did the intro and outros for Finn and Seager, and a couple of shots for Dragov, Renwick and Adjo

Singapore Navy

The advert for the Singapore Navy came in via Saatchi and Saatchi in Singapore.  Maya water interacting with buildings and cubicles .. not happy memories.