I bought this book a few years back, shortly before a weeks stay in hospital, thinking it would get me through the boredom of sitting around all day. But all it did was get me depressed. Don’t get me wrong there’s a lot about it that is good; lots of historical information being put into context and with supporting references, lots of personal accounts, lots of atmosphere and it can really suck you in etc.. But as well as the occasional historical error (well, one, with regards troop disposition) the relenting horror of the events just got too much. I’d read Stalingrad, by Beevor, a year or so before and thought it that would be about as nasty as it would get. At least there were breaks in that and the real horror of the situation didn’t begin until operation Uranus, the encirclement of the Sixth Army. Maybe it was just the circumstances. Sitting in a hospital doesn’t do anyones mind any good but its perhaps not the best place to read a book like that.

One of these days I’m sure  I’ll give this another go. I just don’t have the inclination yet.