Ark VFX asked me in to work on characters and various set assets for Driver 4. This is a small sampling of the work I did.

The characters were created in Lightwave. Since sculpting was not part of the pipeline everything was built poly by poly.

The prison guards were my first Driver characters. They were going to be out of focus and behind the main character so didn’t have to be fantastically detailed but as these were my first ever high res humans, ever, I thought I’d use them to learn some techniques.

The ski-mask robber I tackled next. At the time the jacket and jeans were a real challenge and I worked very hard painting as much of the small wrinkles in as possible.

The Mexican was great fun to model and texture and then dirty up.

Up until this point I’d avoided hair but I couldn’t get away with it now even if it was a simple comb over.. Candy had to look older but with a hint of the 70’s.

Then the hair plugin got a real workout. I was really pleased with the the way the dreads turned out. They were mostly textured but a thick layer of CG hair over the top and the way I blended them into the scalp really helped to give them the spiders leg look that was required..

Modelling a Zoot suit was an education. I’d never even heard of one. Head by Rich Wright.

This was the last guy I did, a last minute addition thrown into the background.

This small bit of set dressing become the most widely used and can actually be seen in a few other projects.

With the completion of the characters this was the first set I was asked to build. This rendered quite quickly as, with the exception of some interactive and dynamic illumination, all the lighting was baked in.,

The one shot nobody else wanted to do! This was quite ambitious given the extreme deadline. Most of the buildings were very low res and to save time I’d planned on using a series of projection paintings to add detail where I needed it. However ..

..the client changed the edit so it had to become a night shot instead. This ate up a whole big chunk of time meaning I had to forego the matte paintings and just apply a lot of generic maps trying to ensure the shadows hid as much as possible.