Well since this is, for now, nearer the front of the the book list I’m going to assume that of the sculpture books, you read this first.

So. Let me start by saying that of all the anatomy books I’ve got this is without doubt the best. So why you may ask, do I bother keeping the rest? Well because its not perfect, and it only has x number of pages to show any one thing and it can’t show everything. Not that any of the other books do but they do show things differently. However the other books I have are more like supplements – they add to this or fill in the odd gap. This is the one you want to start with though.

Its a great mix of detailed line drawings, photographs (by far the weakest element) and thumbnail sketches of form. Personally I only like photos in anatomy books if they also have an accompanying ecorche drawing to show what’s actually causing the deformation on the surface. Otherwise you’re actually better off trawling the internet for the less work safe of images as you’ll find better quality, more varied poses and models who are often more, erm, toned. There’s a lot about the muscles, where they insert, how they deform, latin names are given for those who want them and diagrams and descriptions of the differences between the sexes and how age affects muscle and bone.

If you’re into your sculpture, be it digital or analog, this is a book you could do with. Don’t expect it to be THE ONE anatomy book you’ll need because its not but its a good start.