Once I’d got a computer and realised the direction I wanted to go in I was off.

Well actually it took a good push from my mum, a radical change in lifestyle, the generosity of a few good people, and I found myself as one of two designers at small graphics firm, Rees Design Associates. Soon after I went solo and worked full time with RDA and Freehand Design, and helped put together a multidisciplinary group called G-Wizz offering product design and visualisation to industry and the MOD.

This is a small sample of some of the work from the mid 90’s.

I worked on a whole line of posters and leaflets for local theatres, these two being for the Unity Theatre.

One of our main clients was SHS Pharmaceuticals, the company who developed Lorenzo’s Oil, for whom we did most of their packaging, marketing, exhibition stands etc.. The top images are an example of an orthopaedics brochure put together for another company.

Merseyrail and the local museums were long standing clients for who we did a wide variety of promotional work

Local stationary company Shawcross & Dickenson came to us for brochures, marketing material and packaging.

Healthstart was another long standing client

Quite often we’d be asked to put together complete start up or rebranding packages. Metrolite were a well established company who wanted a brighter image.
G-Wizz was a group I was a member of who offered product design and visualisation.

Lemming 3D was my first link to the games industry and on visiting Psygnosis I realised what I wanted to do next.