I’ve been a bit of a board game geek for quite a few years and have had an interest in European history since I was a child, particularly WW2. So being asked to be involved in the reissue of WW2 wargame that I’ve already played many times and enjoy very much was fantastic. In truth .. I was cheeky .. and litterally asked if I could do it, getting a foot in the door at just the right time.

The original artwork had been put together by the designer and had already won several international awards so it was going to be a tough act to follow. Add to that the bar had already been raised by one of their other artists working on Guadalcanal so it wasn’t going to be easy.

Being primarily a 3D artist it was natural for me to combine that with all the usual and some unusual 2D techniques.

As with any good project there were many difficulties, many questions that had to be answered and a lot of hurdles to overcome but the consensus is that we were successful. The client and everyone involved in the project are extremely happy with the results.

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear 2, Map 01

Five unique maps were created with a lot of work going into ensuring the artwork and style would work for future updates.

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear 2, Map 02

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear 2, Map 03

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear 2, Map 04

Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear 2, Map 05

Some close ups of the maps. 1/4 print resolution

Awakening the Bear map close ups - click and zoom in

Some counters also had to be updated to match the new art though they were never used. These were designed to match the map graphics in look and orientation. However there was no danger of them blending in to much since they would have a lot of numbers and other functional elements in the top, bottom and corners.

Awakening th eBear - Terrain altering counter designs.

These were completed early in about March 2011. At the time of writing I’ve completed assets for the PC game, have almost finished First Men In, am slated for France 1940, the 3 games of the Africa series, maybe Crete and 3 games about Stalingrad and the single player Battle of the Bulge with John Butterfield. ( edit: I’ve since given up freelancing )



Uwe’s just given an interview at Spiel where he is showing the artwork for the first time. Seems like plenty of people have bought it already. Looking forward to getting my copy through the post sometime.

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