Particle Systems PS2 game, Exo, was a hugely ambitious project but as I’d come from an FMV back ground rather than that of game asset creation they weren’t sure at first where to assign me as there was no FMV to be done at the time.

The first things I produced are assets for a number of particular levels and set pieces. I was only required to model and UV these and create three LODs so they aren’t textured.

After them I was asked to put together some buildings from parts already created by Gareth HJ, UV and then texture them for the first level of the game.

When I finished these it became apparent that I’d be suitable to head up the character modelling team. In fact I was the character modelling team. We were one of the first companies to really push using high resolution models as texture sources for game assets so it was my responsibility to build both the high res and game res meshes and textures from provided concepts. At this stage we were using just colour and spec maps. The characters were all finished to a first pass standard and all still required retouching and finishing off when the project was cancelled.

Concepts by Steve Tappin, Rich Wright, Michael Todd and Aidan Wilson.

Low res biped model by Aidan Wilson.

High res small spider model, Jenny suit model and Catcher model by Michael Todd.