Well, I’m sorry there hasn’t been an update for ages but we’re really upping the work rate to get the game out and to be frank I just haven’t the time to write up a big post and get all the images sorted. So this isn’t strictly an art diary post but there’s some spiffy pictures so it’s not all bad.

But I wanted to drop you all a line to tell you that the game is looking and playing great. While testing the mechanics and graphics implementations I’ve played maybe 2-3 full games a day and I’m still enjoying it, still working out strategies and still hate it when I lose because I know I could of done better (how can you lose when you’re playing yourself?). Reports from playtesters are equally as positive and it’s a huge buzz.

But there’s still a long way to go. All but a few core mechanics are in, you can play a solo game and though we’ve still got some major functionality to implement and a lot of fine balancing to perfect we’re getting there and you won’t be disappointed.

So in the mean time I want to show you some in-game screen grabs … it’s important to bare in mind that these are not final images. These are work in progress, yet to be polished, still possibly going to change .. screen shots ..

Battle of the Bulge supply view Early VersionThe Supply view

Battle of the Bulge Calendar Early VersionThe Calendar

Battle of the Bulge Briefing Artillery Early VersionWhere the Germans get Artillery support.

As some of you know the game will get its first public airing at the Heat of Battle convention in New Orleans, August 10th to 12th.

Be there or .. well .. don’t. But you’ll be missing a corker!

(Note: Originally Published on the Shenandoah Studio Blog)