I’ve mentioned elsewhere about my involvement with the Conflict of Heroes series by Academy games. Well I’m very pleased to announce that the artwork I did for the reprint of Awakening the Bear has finally seen the light of day. Uwe announced it on Academy’s site and there’s been some talk on the Geek.

I’ve got some more info and shots on my own site, Colour and Noise

It’s always very exciting see your work being published but it’s a very nervous time too. You do your best to ensure everything is perfect, that the client is happy and then send it off to a printer and a process you have precious little control over. There’s only so much you can do to ensure you adhere to the printers specs and colour profiles, comparing earlier print runs (from different printers and different stock), monitor and printer callibrating, multiple in house and external print tests to get a feel for the results etc..

So I’m eagerly waiting the results and my boxed copy. It’s a great game and to be involved in it is a real priviledge. I’m currently working on First Men In, have a very limited hand in Guadalcanal, have been looking at the Bulge solo game and am expecting the layouts for France 1940. After that is the Africa trilogy and then maybe Crete and Stalingrad.