Bart Brundscheen of the Dice Tower does an interesting compare and contrast between the original first edition maps and my new second edition. The movies below will all jump you to the relevant section but feel free to scrub back to see the rest of the excellent artwork. I’ve not seen them myself yet and this made me so nervous.

“for the best of the best of the second printing, the maps are gorgeous”

The much respected Marco Arnaudo has done a quick unboxing of the 2nd edition.

“Take a good look at these beauties”

Derek Case has also done an unboxing and has some kind words about the map art
“I just really want to zoom in close and give you a look at the beautiful quality of these mounted maps…. I wasn’t prepared for the quality that came out of this box”

Another unboxing from Jeff McAleer who has very little to say about the maps but he may like them,

Alex Berry thinks,

“The board’s themselves are beautiful”

some comments from around the web ..

Al Geier
The advantage of AtB 2nd ed. is mainly the really gorgeous artwork of the maps (and counters).

Timo Timo
The maps are gorgeous, with large hexes and clearly marked terrain.
Work of art.

Michael Taylor
I will agree that the maps are beautiful …

Bryan L.
I like how the maps have such detail. I mean it actually is amazing the level of detail put into these things. And the hills are clearly hills which is nice

Nick P.
I picked up this 2nd edition set and am astounded at the quality of the components and particularly the maps.