As part of the Historical section of the Crisis in Command games I was required to create explanatory maps. These were created in styles to match the overall theme and pallette of the game. You may also notice that the text often seems overlarge .. this is to make them easier to read on an iPad mini. After Bulge, maps and illustration were no longer interactive so had to work at 1:1 size.

Battle of the Bulge required four maps. A general European overview and then three maps showing the German plan, the reality and the final situation.

Bulge Historical Map 01
Bulge Historical Map 02Bulge Historical Map 04Bulge Historical Map 03

The lead up to the Battle of El Alamein required a lot more steps as the situation was drawn out and complicated, see-sawing back and forth over the same area time and again.

El Alamein map a1_Italian_incursionEl Alamein Historical map a2_CompassEl Alamein Historical Map a3_Rommels_FirstEl Alamein Historical map a4_CrusaderEl Alamein Historical map a5_Rommels_Second

The two main battles of El Alamein took part in a relativly small area, later strewn with minefields.

El Alamein Historical map b_Ruweisat_RidgeEl alamein Historical Maps c_Alam_Halfa_El Alamein Historical map d_2nd_Alamein_LightfootEl Alamein Historical map e_2nd_Alamein_Supercharge