If you read my previous post you’ll know about my work with the Shenandoah Studio as Art Director. Well the work load has increased and everything has suddenly speeded up which I’m loving. We’re making great strides with the first game and have a few interesting things going on in the background that I can’t talk about yet.

But the big news is that we’ve started a campaign on Kickstarter (it should go live at 5pm EST) to gain some funding to plough into music, effects and QA. They’re not something we can do properly in house so need to bring in some people.

So if you want to support our endeavour feel free to back us to what ever level you feel comfortable.


It’s unbelievable but less than 48 hrs into a 31 day campaign we’ve got almost 50% of our goal and the comments people are leaving are just wonderful. Can’t thank everyone enough.

And I’m going to allow myself to blow my own trumpet… this is a message written by our CEO ..

If you all haven’t been to our website yet, I strongly encourage you to do so for this reason: the art director posts by Pat are an education in information design. Many of the other posts are worth reading too, but Pat’s are outstanding.